They are called "accounting packages", however the title is misleading. A better name for the software would be "bookkeeping" packages, but then we would have a less glamour in the name, and maybe most of the people trying to run them will not be so attracted in doing so... It is more flattering to be thought of as an “accountant” then just a simple "bookkeeper". However the software is an electronic bookkeeping device.

Whomever thinks that installing one of those pieces of software will eliminate the need of an accountant involvement, would be in for a big surprise. Never the less, their existence is time saving, and a good performance improvement for the business using it. Actually setting up one of those programs is a task which requires in depth accounting knowledge, because the package has to be setup to produce data that makes sense to the accountant who takes care of the books.

This is where our contribution is valuable for the business. Although, we are not accountants by trade, we have accounting college education and we understand the jargon. We also have the training in the computer and software field to make the system friendlier to any end user and helpful to the accountant processing the data. Such a software package is a God's gift to a small business not being able to afford a full time IT expert or a full time accountant on the payroll.

We have the skills to train a novice user in handling the package combined with enough knowledge to complete the needed financial data preparation for a small business.

In the past accountants use to make their money in sorting out the shoe boxes full of receipts and invoices. A bookkeeping package prepares organized reports cutting down on the professional bookkeepers which as trained professionals command high salaries.

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